ADD/ADHD Coaching

ADD/ADHD Coaching

ADHD coaching is a supportive partnership that centers on the whole individual, helping you discover and reach your desired outcomes. This means the coach helps you:


– understand your type of ADD/ADHD and customize strategies with how you think and function


– reduce overwhelm, procrastination, distraction and learn to recognize signs before struggles set in


– rid the “can’ts” and harmonize healthy interests with your strengths


– heighten your skill level such as: decision making, problem solving, time management, organization, communication, planning, finances, emotion control, delegation, boundary setting…


– acknowledge and own your individual talents, hidden opportunities and set-aside passions — that which really drives and inspires you. (This is where adults with ADHD excel and become valuable assets to the office, home and social arenas.)


Adults with ADHD are passionate and need to be united with their integrity and healthy interests to be motivated, productive and whole; otherwise they become distracted or overwhelmed. ADHD Coach, Lee Harbison, provides the framework to help you understand the paradoxes of your ADHD and connect with your strengths, intuition and untapped resources. She knows how to help you maintain your focus, learn how to manage your ADHD and achieve what you really want!


Lee brings a unique and supportive voice with expert knowledge of ADHD. Each session will be streamlined to the next to maintain practicum and new knowledge. She will help you release old paradigms that hold you back and build new ones which will empower you. Her strategies, tools, models, pearls of wisdom and ability to connect with her clients help bring about life-changing transformations for both Adders, non-Adders and people associated with Adders.


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