ADD/ADHD Coaching

Benefits of ADHD Coaching




  • Recognize patterns of overwhelm, procrastination, rumination and receive support to remove obstacles
  • Recognize and optimize your unique strengths and passions
  • Discover prompts before ADHD challenges set in
  • Integrate proven ADHD learning modalities and tools to increase focus and memory skills
  • Increase interest and motivation for improved follow through and project completion



Develop New Skills


  • Discover how to manage your challenges associated with impulsivity, distractibility and, or hyperactivity
  • Rid negative thinking and old paradigms
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Integrate tools and solutions for effective time management
  • Personalize strategies and systems for organization and schedules
  • Discover your optimal momentum and effectively implement as such for daily use
  • Integrate proven and customized solutions for career, team collaboration, and/or managing others (some ADDers prefer to be their own boss, while some enjoy a creative, collaborative environment)
  • Understand and implement effective office and home management techniques
  • Celebrate successes to enjoy and imprint in your long-term memory



Enhance Communication Skills


  • Learn how to pause, clarify your thoughts and embrace your natural articulation skills; many Adders enjoy language and are sensitive to certain words therefore it is appropriate to choose language that is heart-driven and specific to what you mean.
  • Effectively set your boundaries
  • Learn to advocate and speak out for your needs, wants and concerns.
  • Build new healthy relationships and strengthen current ones
  • Understand social cues and no longer overstep others’ boundaries
  • Manage conflict confidently



Manage Emotional State


  • Remove blame and shame or guilt, and become genuinely self-empowered
  • Manage bursts of anger and understand cues when anger begins
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Lessen pressure, and stressors
  • Discover rewards for integrating calming techniques


Contact Lee Harbison, P.A.C.G for further information.