ADD/ADHD Coaching

When to Consider ADHD Coaching

There are several various scenarios for seeking ADHD coaching:


  • You suspect you may have ADD/ADHD and want to learn more
  • You seek solutions and want to be free of your daily challenges (stuck, unorganized, incomplete projects or tasks, lack of structure, focus, memory, learning, planning, relationship/s, career, …)
  • Your child was diagnosed with ADHD and you think you may have it
  • Your partner, employer, or family member suggest you seek help
  • You have a pattern of frequent job changes and want to end it
  • You’ve received an ADHD diagnosis and do not fully understand how it impacts your life
  • Your friend, partner or relative has ADHD and you want to learn more about it
  • You’ve been told you don’t have ADHD, but disagree and want to seek help
  • You have been your partner’s or child’s Executive Functioning System and want to get back to your life
  • You ultimately would like to have long-term friendships and relationships you can count on for good
  • You want to rid the internal and external pressure and learn how to harmonize your mind and spirit
  • You want to strengthen your Emotional I.Q. and be in charge of your emotions
  • You want to match your ambition/drive with your strengths


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