My son was diagnosed with ADHD. Many symptoms related to my challenges. I was concerned. Luckily, after attempts elsewhere I found Lee. She helped me immediately. I learned how to interpret my symptoms. Lee found me a few choices for a diagnostician. Though my suspicions were true, at first, I was upset to learn I have ADHD. Lee educated me on what it meant. She debunked the myths ADHD has accumulated and helped me understand that I was not doomed. I was able to rid the so-called shame. She helped me understand who I was past ADHD. I knew coaching with Lee was my ticket to freedom.


She asked me interesting thought provoking questions that gave me a great deal of insight and many epiphanies. I felt supported and re-established tightly held beliefs that once confined me. I became hopeful and more confident so I set my heels in. I was looking forward to creating a more energizing life. I can’t believe how scared I was and how much of it was in my head! Lee would say, “feelings are not facts,” and at the same time she would honor my feelings. Lee helped me discover clever mechanisms and methods that now let me be in front of my ADD. I no longer feel burdened by it.


Initially, I assumed coaching was strict and advisory – not at all. Lee is a mentor, an educator who has many ideas and strategies. She helped me see my strengths and improve my skill level. She sincerely cares and goes beyond what I expected. I am a model for my son, have a stronger marriage, take better care of my home and I express myself confidently.

Michelle Bouttaine, Portrait Photographer, Mother, NYC


I have been fortunate to be a successful entrepreneur. Following up with certain responsibilities and maintaining an overview of my companies was difficult. I kept putting off what I needed to do both at work and home as I preferred to follow my impulses. Though my instincts are great my dependability was not. Lee helped me get past this. We surveyed patterns within both my distractions and interests. We worked out a plan so I would understand how I spent my time. It was revolutionary. I saw how I was actually losing time and value by being impulsive. I also had set down old patterns that were hurting my business. I hadn’t realized the consequences and effect I had on others. My efficiency was down and so were others’ ability to trust my promises.


Lee helped me understand where I was best suited and how to handle situations when my interests were low. Pausing has also been my new champion. She helped me with hiring because I was employing people like myself. What I needed was to fill in the cracks not cover them up. I realized my tendency to resort to perfectionism and black and white thinking was like draging around a 10,000lb weight all day everyday. Lee encouraged me to open up my outlook and manifest new options. Took time but it paid off well.


There is much less chaos, more flexibility, delegation, honesty and communication – much improved management. This also relates to how well I handle my ADHD. The know-how I gained, the ability to govern what I can do over what I can’t, and over-ride getting caught in the moment and getting stuck behind it. I have incorporated prodigious strategies and built clear intentions which significantly changed how I perform. Lee is exceptional — very sharp, super smart, intuitive, and scary wise. I had a solid impactful relationship I will always treasure.

– Private Investor and Inventor – NYC




Lee is extremely knowledgeable, a real pro. She hears me on a level that I wasn’t used to at first. She got me instantly. I came to her fearful of change and not really wanting it, though I wanted to cease my struggles. I was caught in negative thinking patterns. I felt stuck. Lee helped recognize these dominant patterns: when they came about, what triggered them, what they sounded like and how to change them — permanently. She has this wonderful ability to be both compassionate and direct.


We then approached my struggles with ADHD. I couldn’t focus, remember, organize, missed deadlines and got frustrated when people didn’t understand. I came into coaching thinking I was handicapped with ADD forever. I was inflexible and riddled with black and white thinking. My personal and professional relationships were suffering because I distracted, was late and forgot appointments. This is no longer true. Lee helped me build a foundation in which my interests and integrity became the center. I came upon new tools and creative strategies which made me credible and my life simplier.


Lee was patient, supportive, non-judgmental and didn’t let me fall into my own trap. She validated who I am and helped me discern my strengths and administer them with pride. My career prospects improved and even landed a job I desired since college. She believed in me and saw me before I did I no longer feel like “I can’t.” I now live life on my terms.

Director of Marketing, Cosmetics Co., Mother, Wife – San Francisco




I am an actor who discovered she had ADD about eight years. It didn’t seem to get in my way until I landed a part that brought me fame. My schedule became overwhelming. I was pulled in too many directions, it became confusing. I was late for interviews and other appointments that I wished I could cancel. Lee helped me understand my ADD challenges and get past these hurdles. She helped me put down boundaries, prepare for challenging situations and inspired me to organize my life. Before coaching I was forgetting who I was with the onslaught of demands. Lee guided me past my negative thinking and helped me redesign what worked for me. She helped me balance my interests and return to painting and writing. I was ignoring my personal loves scared I’d lose everything.


Lee gave me unconditional support which made me feel safe and let me grow. Practicing with Lee got me in touch with my better self and helped make my life not only manageable but meaningful again. I was afraid that my career would crumble unless I did what was expected of me. Today I not only have choices that I love but I also have a career which is surpassing my dreams.


I have met many people, and worked with other professionals unsuccessfully. Lee is gifted, intuitive, super smart and so natural with helping people. Despite my egging her to get into the spotlight she says it is not her scene. If you come across the opportunity to work with Lee consider yourself very lucky! She is rare and super talented.

– Actor, NYC & LA




I was frustrated and easily distracted. I worked non-stop early in the morning till late at night. Control, control, control. It was ruining my life. I was rigid, stubborn and difficult. My wife insisted I go into coaching. Previously, I worked with a couple of professionals but they didn’t help me. Lee did. She didn’t take my excuses and cant’s. She challenged me with compassion not indifference. She kept by my side and I can be tough. I must admit it felt good to have someone believe in me more than I did myself. That’s what made the difference. It was the basis of my change.


I learned why I worked early and late into the night. It was the only time I didn’t feel distracted. Lee taught me about boundaries. Until Lee, I had no idea what boundaries were, never mind that they were necessary. She helped me understand the effect I had on people and the effect people had on me. There were traits of perfectionism that were dragging me down and souring certain relationships at work and at home. I now get it and take responsibility for those situations when I am frustrated, or uninterested. Working with Lee taught me how to be a full person. I understand when an ADHD challenge comes about and how to manage it. In a sense I was running, trying to distract myself from what I needed to do and ultimately wanted to do. This led me in circles.


Now, I have peace and no longer feel constrained. When I approach conflicting situations I rarely resort to black and white thinking and my inability to hold my anger. I am able to confront different situations calmly and confidently because I have exclusive strategies that supersede my ADHD. Lee helped me focus and gain the results I wanted. Even though I see myself as a confident person, I now have a different sense of confidence. I am self-reliant — self-assured on the inside not just on the outside. At work and at home many aspects have changed for the better. It would be too much to write. Bottom-line is that I am 90% happier now that I can manage my ADHD. I execute systems that help me daily. Thank you, Lee for your inspiration and incredible mind and spirit.

– Richard Weisberg, Engineer, Chef, Husband, Father – Chicago




I was going through a divorce and was paralyzed. Here I was approaching a new beginning and I had no idea how to get it together. I was confused as to what direction to take and how to move beyond my emotional state. Lee came to me through a friend. She helped me heal, compose a new story and fulfill its meaning. My journey with Lee was a victory I held back from conquering for too long.


She helped me readjust my beliefs so I was in sync with who I am today not yesterday. She appreciated and accepted where I was and what I am about. Lee was clever, caring and an inspiring guide. Together we built a vision with a plan and did exploration exercises that were mind opening. She introduced the idea of mindfulness which I soon made a career from. This really helped me develop an overall momentum that I rely on daily. We planned and systematized ways to accomplish goals I neglected and made them reachable and meaningful.


Immediately, when I spoke with Lee I could feel myself breathe again. I went from a high level executive to a freelance writer and yoga instructor. I moved, and now take trips to unusual destinations I held off for years. I began dating again and now love the freedom, no longer afraid of reconnecting. Why did I wait so long? Lee is something else, the most empowering, intuitive coach out there. I wholeheartedly recommend Lee for those who seek new endeavors and fulfillment of their passions and lives.

– Carol Trattore, Yoga Instructor, Writer, Mother, CT.




My experience in being coached by Lee was extremely helpful. She is an exquisite listener who is wise, skillful and knowledgeable. Lisa gave very caring, compassionate encouragement, very powerful and incisive questions and guidance that led me to inspiring action. She made me feel both safe and empowered. She brilliantly and non-judgmentally helped me recognize, and change my old beliefs and ways of thinking that once created nothing but stagnation.


My whole engagement with Lisa kept me inspired and moving forward, even in moments of reluctance. I accomplished all I set out to do and felt powerfully guided towards my ultimate goals. I would happily and highly recommend Lisa as a Life Coach to anyone looking to move towards any goal with lasting and authentic change!

Marie Maybury, Master Life Coach, Metaphysical Expert, NYC




I was blocked, distracted, and not finishing projects. Things were piling up. It seemed with my new career my home life became overwhelming. I couldn’t get things done and I kept putting off what was really important to me. Lee helped me redefine my priorities, gain important insights, be gentle with myself and instill practical strategies. Today, I am finally finishing projects and tasks without getting exhausted, turned-off or distracted.


One aspect of coaching that was very useful was having each session bridged to the next. I’d normally go on tangents and get lost. Lee Harbison would keep the flow organized and sensible and she’d do it respectfully. Coaching was an example of how to clear my mind, pause and think through my thoughts and smooth out the bumps with dignity and grace. I traded in personal indifference for resolution and balance. I let go of “Super Career Mom,” and rejoined areas of my life that I enjoy. My husband and friends recognize, as I do, how relieved and calmer I am. The bonus is I look and feel better. I have evolved into a person with deeper confidence and sturdy reliability. Lee is special, light hearted and genuine; she’s right there with you. My experience with Lee was forever rewarding. Thank you Lee!

Susan, Writer and Strategist, TV, L.A




My husband who has ADHD was too much of a concern of mine as I was losing my life and identity. He in return felt suffocated and hassled. We both were communicating from hotbeds of resentment which became our way of talking and being with one another. Lee saw this right away. I never met someone as intuitive as she is. She also has the uncanny ability to be sincere, unambiguous and informed all at once. Each session was a springboard from which I learned, practiced and was proactive. I broke draining habits, clarified my incentives and regained my identity. Now I am enjoying my life again. My husband just said “me too.”


My husband has come a long way with Lee. He worked with other professionals yet didn’t feel heard and complained he wasn’t learning anything new and useful. Lee, on the other hand, supported him and encouraged him to experiment. She hit the buttons that motivated him to accept change and use new strategies. Today he is someone I can depend on. I really didn’t think it could be this good. We are forever grateful for our experiences with Lee. Her integrity and outstanding skills are unmatched.

Kim Saunders, Creative Director, Film and Production House




My professional life is where I excel. Personal relationships were trouble for me. I was usually late, intruded on friends’ boundaries and remained reluctant to change. I thought I would lose myself and my humor. I would get frustrated and at times angry with inability or lack of willingness to change. Little did I realize, as I learned through coaching, that I clung to many “cant’s” and convictions that were hurting myself and others. I thought my abruptness and blunt truth telling was entertaining and set me apart, but what it was really doing was keeping intimacy away. I discovered this with Lee.


Lee helped me gain self-awareness which I thought was going to be burdensome even corny. Not at all. Coaching with Lee was an extraordinary learning experience. I had certain fears and stubborn beliefs which we worked through and modified. She helped me determine my intentions, cultivate my intuition, energize my passions and ascertain unique and quirky strategies. I now know how to spot social situations where I do really well and prepare for those situations that were formerly a struggle. Little did I realize when I became uninterested I made my personal life complicated, which unintentionally hurt those around me. Now, after my successes with coaching I’ve discovered how to sustain healthy relationships and communicate better. I have boundaries and am more respectful of those around me. I listen to my instincts and understand when I get distracted, or overwhelmed or frustrated. Coaching with Lee allowed me to recreate my priorities and get ahead of my ADD and finally be on time. What a relief!


Lee Harbison really understands ADD and understood me on a level I wasn’t used too. She got me right away and didn’t let me cave into myself. She empowered me, reminded and helped me untangle my mess. I found someone who I can count on and inspired me to believe in myself. Thank you Lee!

Vice President of Sales, Software Co., San Francisco




Coaching with Lee changed my life forever. I had an embarrassing record of short-term relationships and I was sick of it. Lee was referred to me yet I hesitated to call. When I did I could tell this would be an investment that would pay ten times over, and it was.


Lee helped gain profound knowledge. She asked targeted questions that exposed what was driving my behaviour. We engaged in practical and philosophical discussions which were empowering and boosted my enthusiasm. She is super intuitive, honest, funny and ingenious. I worked hard with Lee and soon realized where I was tripping over myself. I would get ahead of myself and project, assume, and occasionally run. I also used my career as an out which turned out not to be the real issue. When I was beginning to get bored I’d also create drama not to mention I had a few fears. We worked through all of this in a way that didn’t leave me feeling down. Instead, I was relieved to finally be liberated from these cumbersome thoughts and conventions. My sessions with Lee grounded me and joined me with what I really wanted not what I feared. I clarified healthy incentives and recognized my values and needs. I came into these golden nuggets of knowledge with more ease than I expected.


Today, I am in a healthy relationship (almost two years) and am ecstatic. I revisited splintered friendships and worked on making them healthy. Along the way I also met a few new friends. True, I am happy with my partner but more importantly I am deeply confident, and communicating on a level that is real and gratifying. I can be stubborn even reticent but Lee has a way of getting through without it feeling like someone just shot me with an arrow. She is patient, understanding, and resourceful. With Lee, the well never runs dry. She is tops, gold, and a rare find. You want anyone in your corner she’s the one!

Correspondent, National News, GA




Lee Harbison and I had an amazing coaching relationship! I was totally clueless how to move forward. I was having difficulty being consistent with a routine that I knew I could thrive on. I really just could not get out of my own way. In working with Lee I was able to take strides that eventually led to forming new habits that I greatly benefit from to this day!


With my struggles, Lee was amazing and gave me just the support that I needed. It was the most helpful and important component to our coaching relationship. I learned a lot about myself and I felt it moved me forward while I healed from past hurts and disappointments. I also wanted to give time to my creative endeavors, but again I was completely stuck. Coaching with Lee gave me the room to gain powerful awareness and skillful action. I was able to create space in my life for the work I wanted to do. Now I love doing it! She really helped me define who I am and live by my own values.


Lee had just the right balance between professionalism and keeping it human. Her genuine interest in my life and journey was the springboard to many great changes. I am honored and grateful to have had this experience that will be forever a part of me. I would recommend Lisa Harbison as a coach to anyone seeking greater clarity and movement in all areas of their life!

Keri O’Connell, Teacher, Artist, CO




Lee is an admirable woman. She is smart, funny, has both a big heart and a high degree of integrity. She made me feel safe and respected.


Music was my savior. Outside of composing and playing I felt burdened with my ADD. I would put myself down as I watched other people live their lives effortlessly. Lee would help me catch myself and learn what habits were holding me back. She helped me let go and become available for new opportunities. She educated me on how the ADD brain works and helped me understand my type of ADD and what was useful it.


She asked substantial questions in which I learned a lot about myself and choices I hadn’t realized. She stuck by me as I cried, laughed, took steps forward and back. She was never judgmental, instead, she was perceptive, encouraging and wise.


I now function as I always hoped. My distractions are curtailed as I pursue many interests woven throughout my days. My career, home, personal responsibilities are flowing much better. Who knew it could be like this! I learned and discovered situations in which I function beautifully. In those situations I once found to be difficult I now have strategies, reminders even support from family and friends. My perspective, moods and fortitude have done a 180. I no longer see myself as distracted and defective. I meet my goals and my promises and am steadfast with my boundaries. I have achieved what I really wanted: purpose and a clear understanding of my values, not what others want me to be. Thank you Lee. You are the catalyst to my success!

Renee Reynolds, Musician & Composer, NYC




As a life coach, Lisa is both passionate and realistic. Her coaching style, while adhering to the ethics and tenets of coaching, is all her own. She is intuitive and instinctive, and couples those personal attributes with knowledge acquired in the personal and academic realms. I cannot think of anyone who is a better coach and person. Her integrity, compassion, self-awareness, selflessness and determination, as she continues to learn and study, ultimately guides others as well as herself.

Stephanie Gertler, Author & Peer, NYC