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Entrepreneurial Coaching

Entrepreneurs who have ADD/ADHD are more likely to be entrepreneurs. Why? Simple.  They have the strengths that fit the entrepreneurial model:



“Think outside the box”

Trend setters, Idea-machines

Able to see the big picture

Problem Solvers (which includes seeking a Coach)

Good at building teams

Loves to learn

Leaders (at heart) Etc..

What is needed are solid execution plans and new knowledge of how to sustain success.  Through Coaching proven strategies are explored, experimented and implemented.  We rid the blind-spots and replace them with proven solutions.

Please note: Non-Adders also face similar challenges. One of the challenges entrepreneurs face is building a successful business without letting roadblocks and personal obstacles reign over their plan. Staying competitive, focused and enthusiastic are  key to sustaining success.  Each area is focused upon, broken down and re-built with solid solutions and a maintenance plan.


This program is designed to help both non-ADD and ADHD clients with restructuring their visions, goals and business plans. It is reworking what does work for you (knowing how you function and your mind works) and reformulating those areas which hold you back. Business plans/goals/experiences, management systems, tools (from tech to constructive), schedules and customized personal solutions are weaved together to bring about success for your budding and ongoing business.


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