What is ADD/ADHD?

ADHD Treatment

Individuals with ADHD can be successful in school, and lead productive lives in the office and home with Researchers continue to develop more effective treatments, interventions and tools to better understand ADHD. ADHD coaching is a rapid growing science recognized by top professionals as a proven, advanced and sustaining avenue for individual success.


Some people choose medicine which often plays only a part of successful treatment. (Medicine can be useful for some and not so for another. Also, medicine in some cases is beneficial for a few months at which point the effectiveness decreases.) Some people prefer holistic over conventional medicine; while some adults need or prefer a multi-faceted approach. Nutrition which includes less sugar, improved sleep habits and certain natural supplements such as fish oil [for focus and mood stability] have shown potency for some Adders. In most cases, it is has been proven several times over that medicine or not, partnering with a trained and experienced ADHD professional will help the individual advance greatly. With any ADHD professional, education is key along with implementing certain personalized strategies which cater to the individual’s type of ADHD. The ADHD Coach should be knowledgeable about: nutrition, improved sleep habits, supplements, ADHD tools and strategies along with a list of other professional referrals if desired. These professionals range from diagnosticians, to holistic practitioners to professional organizers, etc.


If agreed upon by the client, your coach will confer with other professionals already involved with your treatment. At times, the client also elects that the family get involved which the coach can help bring about.


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