What is ADD/ADHD?

Challenges & Strengths

Please note: Everyone can relate to ADHD-like symptoms. Not all specifics within each category means you should experience as such or even have ADHD. (See “Do I have ADHD?”) There are several, varying specifics that speak to several, different minds reading this. (Again, a qualified ADHD diagnostician can properly assess if you have ADHD or not. If you seek a diagnosis, please make sure this professional has specific training and education with ADHD.)



: procrastinates; overwhelmed by details; trouble prioritizing and staying organized; often loses things; may miss turns when driving


Distractibility: unable to sustain focus longer than 15-20 minutes (when uninterested); hypo-focus (daydreams or “tunes out”); hyper-focus (extended periods of intense focus which makes shifting attention difficult; sensitive to interruptions and can get annoyed; if interrupted feels strong pull to return to project)


Impulsivity: impatient waiting on line and in traffic; blurts out answers before questions are completed; compromises own boundaries; crosses others’ boundaries; doesn’t always think before speaking


Physical Hyperactivity: unable to sit still; feels restless; has an itch to move; feels need to work out; constantly feels driven


Mental Hyperactivity: bombardment of thoughts or creative ideas; may go off on tangents; excessive talking; rapid volume of speech


Time Management: often is late; not in-tuned to the passing of time; OR (for others): goes to great lengths to be on time, worries can never catch up; races against the clock


Physical Sensitivities: sensitive to certain materials on the skin; doesn’t like to be touched


Sensory Hyper-Responsiveness: feels easily criticized; sometimes goes to great lengths to avoid criticism; some are sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, certain smells



Inattention: creative and excellent brainstormers; well-spoken; quite articulate (better than they think), love to learn; non-linear thinkers, good conversationalists; entertaining storytellers; groundbreakers; intuitive; values integrity


Distractibility: interested in many things; can sustain intense focus on what interests them meaning they are excellent workers; love to learn


Impulsivity: authentic; genuine; quick witted with a sharp mind; charming; magnetic; entertaining and well-paid speakers (prefer to go on the fly)


Physical Hyperactivity: easily notices and assesses their environments; rapidly recognizes and puts together patterns; contagious energy and enthusiasm; driven and open to risk; hard workers and usually willing to continue trying despite past results; values integrity and appreciates driven people


Mental Hyperactivity: idea machines; able to use intuition so naturally they don’t realize it; generally visual and, or verbal processors; at times need solitude to reflect which is worthwhile time spent; values authenticity in others


Time Management: driven; varied interests, enjoys the company of others


Physical Sensitiveness: empathetic; emotive; charismatic


Sensory Hyper-Responsiveness: highly intuitive; empathetic; recognizes and assesses situations faster than most; excellent people reading skills (can easily see below the surface); learns quickly when interested; values wisdom


Signs of Interest:


  • High caffeine intake
  • Senses underachievement despite past, even, recent accomplishments
  • Feels guilty if not using time to expectation; time is pressure
  • Needs diversification to maintain interest; sometimes this leads to creating drama in relationships
  • May switch jobs within a year and a half
  • Hard on self; not familiar with giving self-credit
  • Experiences sleep difficulties (either trouble falling asleep and, or staying asleep)


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