What is ADD/ADHD?

Do I have ADD/ADHD?

Most people experience ADHD-like symptoms, however what determines someone having ADHD depends on:


  • The number of symptoms
  • Symptoms need to show up in two or more arenas such as the office and home
  • How severe the symptoms are
  • To what degree your challenges impact you daily
  • How long the symptoms have posed a problem


If you seek a diagnosis please make sure you visit a viable and properly trained ADHD diagnostician only.   On the other hand some people are not comfortable with “labels.” The ADHD coach understands this and is trained to work with each individual, diagnosis or not. The diagnostician will have a detailed written questionnaire for you.  She or he may request to consult with your partner and/or parental guardian to gain further information. You should receive an extensive and comprehensive consultation in which many of your questions will be answered.
A specialized ADHD coach, whom physicians credit for their helpfulness, will assist you in identifying, comprehending and articulating your challenges. (Recognizing one’s own challenges is challenging especially because this is not an area in which many Adders prefer to spend their time.)  A trained ADHD Coach easily recognizes your challenges and can help you understand, articulate and move beyond your struggles.


Contact Lee Harbison, P.A.C.G for further information.