From Overwhelm to Resolution

ADHD is commonly referenced with children.  But, what about adults? Five percent of the world population have ADHD. What does this mean? Individuals are either getting diagnosed later in life or they assume they have ADHD as they run into motivation, planning, memory, time and social challenges.

What to do? I help you understand the paradoxes of ADHD and evaluate how you are individually impacted.  Then we build action steps, momentum and accountability to obtain your desired results. We are talking about life changes, mild yet effective enough to not change who are you but bring it out.

We define and reach your idea of success by implementing proven strategies, tools and what really drives you.  Strengths, talents and passions are your gifts which we heavily build upon.  I have over ten years experience and a success rate of 98%.

Why I am a coach?  I’ve been there with the struggles. I searched and came upon this so-called myth: ADD/ADHD.  I read everything and related to much of it.  So I continued my education, formally, and got trained and certified by the best in the field.  It became my passion to help others. Now, my life is full, empowering and happy where I have helped and continue to help many, such as yourself.

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My coaching programs are fitted for executives, entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities, housewives/house-husbands, partners and students.

Coaching is available nationally and internationally through Skype, and, or phone.  In-person coaching is available in New York City and upstate New York.

Contact Lee Harbison, P.A.C.G for a free consultation or further information. Phone: 1-917-447-2251


Lee Harbison P.A.C.G is a Certified Life, Leadership/Career and ADD/ADHD Coach.  She is a graduate of NYU’s Coaching and Leadership Program and ADDca Academy’s Professional ADHD program. From Reinvention to Executive, Career and ADD/ADHD Coaching, Lee Harbison is one of the few coaches who is versatile, well-rounded and highly skilled. She is known to be warm and engaging providing unique support and important knowledge to help you gain solutions and goals you want.  ADHD or not, she helps you focus, learn and build competitive skills. She knows how to help you tap your resources, integrate what really drives you and achieve what you ultimately want.

“Lee is unmatched in her ability to build motivation and encourage forward momentum, both of which are fundamental to successful ADHD coaching. Previously, I worked with other professionals yet found little success. With Lee, for the first time, I was able to bring my uniqueness to light; my mind was transformed, as I no longer saw myself as broken. Lee was non-judgmental, skillful and informative as she helped me move past negative patterns and thinking and align with my passions, cherished values, strengths and talents . In that, I dared to dream of a new possible career that would awaken my purpose and drive. I am now pursuing as such and experience such joy as I feel self-assured, confident and at peace, finally clear and definite about my intentions.”
~ Sarah Jayne, RN, BSN, graduate student, mother

Contact Lee Harbison, P.A.C.G for further information. Phone: 1-917-447-2251