Lee Harbison has long had a deep desire to help people and an innate ability to inspire success. She previously built start-up businesses for Fortune 500 companies, and today is a passionate Life and ADHD Coach who facilitates positive change in the lives of others. Lee finds nothing more rewarding than helping people shift to a great sense of motivation and awareness to overcome, excel and make significant transformations.


Originally, from Manhattan, New York, Lee was educated in private school and attended Bard College where she studied Psychology, Art History and Film. Lee followed a successful career path in the publishing, music and computer industries where she rose to director positions. She ultimately realized her calling: to make a meaningful impact in peoples’ lives. “The coaching field is a progressive science that is action-oriented, practical minded and results-driven. Its intellectual nature spoke to my values.”


A graduate of New York University’s Coaching Program, while working as a Life Coach Lee discovered the prevalence of ADHD and lack of awareness that was hindering people’s progress. Coaching draws people who have ADHD because it is a quicker, empowering process. Lee completed training at Addca Academy where she studied with the best educators in the field. Her expertise, intuitiveness, attentiveness, sense of humor and laser-focused approach make her clients feel better just knowing someone “gets them,” as people with ADHD often feel misunderstood.


Lee offers the tools and insight to help put clients both with and without ADD/ADHD on a positive path of growth, self-empowerment and personal success. “My overall coaching goal is to help each client seek what it is they need and desire based on who they are, not what others say they should be.  People need to feel genuinely inspired and free from pressure they already experience. With this new found freedom all clients discover their personal success and soar with clarity, purpose and confidence.”


Lee’s diverse clientele is comprised of business executives, entrepreneurs, people of the arts, parents, innovators, celebrities and housewives/husbands. She offers various methods of coaching that include: tele-coaching, online and in-person visits.  She also enjoys coaching groups which vary on topics and goal achievement. Naturally creative, Lisa is an enthusiast of design, photography, art, history, writing, and music.  She is an avid reader, into fitness and a supporter of community and environmental causes.